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A lot of users have noticed that when the iCloud sync option is enabled on their Mac, it leads to the temporary unavailability of certain folders on desktop. This is because while iCloud syncs the data, the relevant Mac folder icons become missing or hidden.

The icons on my MacBook desktop have disappeared. Any suggestions?

If you want, you can just wait for the sync to finish or disable it altogether. In the end, close the iCloud application on your Mac and go to the desktop to see if the icons are still missing or not on Mac. With the help of Recoverit Mac Data Recovery software , you can get back all kinds of deleted and lost content. This includes the deleted folders on Mac as well. The tool is developed by Wondershare and is extremely easy to use.

It can help you recover data lost due to a virus attack, formatted disk, accidental deletion, corrupt storage, and every other common scenario. The application features different scanning modes and is known for its high data recovery rate. You can get the Mac desktop folder or any other content back using Recoverit by following these steps.

Go to the official website of Wondershare Recoverit and install the recovery tool on your Mac.

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When you launch it, you can select a location to scan. If you want positive results, then try not to close the application in between. When the data recovery process is completed, the application will display the results on the interface. You can go to any category of your choice from here and preview the retrieved content. In this way, you can easily get your documents that were disappeared back on Mac. In case if the quick scan was not able to fulfill your requirements, then you can do a deep scan as well.

While the deep scan would take more time than the quick scan, the results would also be far better. By default, the Downloads folder is available on the dock for us to access with a single click. You would have done it by mistake or an overwriting of settings could have also caused the same issue. To fix this and get the Download folder back on the dock, follow these steps:. Firstly, we will go to the Home directory to access the folder and later we will just reposition it on the dock. If the dock on your Mac is not working in an ideal manner, then you should consider resetting it as well.

This will restore the dock to its default settings, which would automatically have the Downloads icon present. After reading this post, you would be able to resolve queries related to toolbar on Mac disappeared or Mac dock disappeared.

Fixing the Problem of Missing Dock Icons on Your Mac

From getting back the missing dock to desktop icons, we have listed solutions for every common issue. If the Mac folder icons are missing on the desktop, then consider using Recoverit Data Recovery to get them back. If you have accidentally deleted some files, you would be able to retrieve them using this reliable data recovery tool.

You can also download it for free on your Mac and use it at the time of need to recover files without any trouble. Quickly fix problems like Mac dock disappeared, desktop disappeared on Mac, and more by reading this post. Download Win Download Mac. Sue Wen. Can someone tell me how to restore my Mac desktop and get back Mac icons? Download Mac Download Win. Files overwritten? Recover it.

Top 5 Mac recovery tools. Get USB drive files on Mac. Recover a formatted SD card.

  1. First Approach: Reset the Dock?
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  3. The icons on my MacBook desktop have disappeared. Any suggestions??
  4. 1. Using Terminal to Hide the Icons on the Desktop.
  5. Fix Your Mac Mac won't turn on? In Windows 7 and higher, you right-click on the desktop and choose View and then make sure Show desktop icons is checked. Pretty simple! The second method involves restarting the explorer process without having to restart Windows.


    In Windows 7 and higher, you click on the Start task manager link at the bottom. Make sure you are on the Processes tab. In the Open box, go ahead and type in explorer. Note that if the explorer.

    What's Wrong with Mac

    Another more rare reason your desktop icons might disappear is because of the monitor. If you have noticed that this issue occurs after your monitor goes to sleep, you should change the settings so that the monitor does not go to sleep. Your best bet is to update the graphics card driver and install the latest Windows updates. You can get to the display setting by going to Power Options from the Control Panel and then clicking on Change plan settings.

    Windows keeps an icon cache and if this file becomes corrupt for some reason, some or all of the shortcuts on your desktop may disappear. You can delete this file and then restart the computer to rebuild the cache and hopefully get all your icons and shortcuts back. To do this, open Explorer , click on Organize and then click on Folder and search options. Click on the View tab and then select the radio button that says Show hidden files, folders and drives.

    Fix Desktop Icons Missing or Disappeared

    You should see a file called IconCache. Go ahead and right-click on it and choose Delete.