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Another blog reader asked this question today on Excelchat:. An Excelchat Expert solved this problem in 28 mins! Countifs formula not working on mac - I have used it before, however somehow is not working. An Excelchat Expert solved this problem in 29 mins!

Excel shows formula but not result

Find not working. An Excelchat Expert solved this problem in 22 mins! Solution examples. I need a formula to compare the data in two columns and then export the mismatched data in the 3rd column. What's going on? I need a formula that will compare multiple columns, and return the column header name of whichever column had the highest value. This formula cannot distinguish when there are ties. I filtered data in column A it is labeled ID of a data set.

On my next worksheet, column A is also the ID , but it is a different data set. I want to filter the ID 's the same for the two sheets, but how do I do that being that I am working with two different sets of data? I have tried dragging rather than correcting in the formula, what I am missing please its excel Thanks.

I have created a formula that works well. However, I get my data from a downloaded excel file. When I paste it into my spreadsheet and run my formulas they give an incorrect result. But, when I double click into the cell and then click out of it, it updates correctly. When I look at the number formats for the cell before clicking into it, it shows the same value for every selection.

How do I fix without having to click each cell independently? The same formula was working fine till yesterday i mean for april , and from today may its not working. Here's a helpful hint for Not Calculating item 3: Check to see if there is an invisible character before the equal sign by using the delete and backspace keys a few times. I am looking for some help. I am trying to create a formula that give me a total of a cell that has a subtotal calculated times an amount minus 2 other cells minus that amount.

I keep getting an error. Any ideas?

I seem to be doing everything right, but Excel has suddenly stopped correct logical answers. It was working OK before, but changed about a day ago. However, it is returning a value of 1. The cell formatting is 'General'. However, I cannot do this; first off because it would defeat the purpose of using a tool like Excel and secondly, I would have to do it for thousands yes thousands of cells. Hi all, i'm using excel for mac.

What am I missing? Why does it work in one spreadsheet but not another?

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All three of the above have been checked. Still doesn't calc. I have a formula in every cell in a column. I'ts a lookup. The key cell keying the lookup is formatted as number in both the source and target. No space exists before the formula. If I copy the cell below to the cell that won't execute, it executes. If I then change the range of the lookup, it stops executing.

If I change it back Same results: Formula won't calculate. And, if I copy paste from the cell immediately below at any time -it calculates.


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Dear Sir, for 2 months i had small problem in Automatic sum Calculation, Today i rectified by your guiding,Thankyou. I use the SUP function in excel it was working well but at the end of the table is no longer give me the results, the cell still empty. Pls help with the excel formula. Salary Range Age 1 2 4 3 5 5 4 81 1 6 8 2. Require excel formula when the age and salary is written the corresponding value with the range data of the table gets displayed in "Output". I get this formula on the end all on "0". Being using it for months and then I saw it does not work.

I also check all possibilities provided and tis buffels event expert in the field. What must I try next. I am stuck. I saved an excel file in dropbox so I cam access it at my home computer and as well as in the office. When I open the file in my home computer the formulas are all working perfectly but when I open it in the office and I change the value included in the data range, the formula then returns O.

What should I do? Thank you for this! Very comprehensive list of things to check. My issue was that the formula was entered as text! E-mail not published. Excel formulas not working - a formula returns an error or wrong result. Excel formulas not updating - a formula displays an old value after the values of the dependent cells have been updated. Excel formulas not calculating - a cell displays a formula, not result. Excel formulas not working Symptoms : Excel formula not working correctly, it returns an error or a wrong result.

Match all opening and closing parentheses in a formula As you know, the arguments of Excel functions are entered within the parentheses. Enter all required arguments in an Excel function All Excel functions have one or more required arguments. Do not nest more than 64 functions in a formula When nesting two or more Excel functions into each other, e.

In Excel and lower, only up to 7 nested functions can be used. Don't enclose numbers in double quotes In Excel formulas, any value enclosed in double quotes is interpreted as a text string. Make sure numbers are not formatted as text values Numbers formatted as text values are another common reason for Excel formulas not working.

The visual indicators of text-numbers are as follows: Numbers formatted as text are left-aligned by default, while normal numbers are right-aligned in cells. When several cells with text numbers are selected on the sheet, the Status Bar only shows Count , while usually it shows Average , Count and SUM for numbers. There may be a leading apostrophe visible in the formula bar, or green triangles appear in the top-left corner of the cells. The below screenshot shows that even a simple Excel SUM formula may not work because of numbers formatted as text: To fix this, select all problematic cells, click the warning sign, and then click Convert to Number : In some cases, however, neither green triangles nor the warning sign appear in cells.

Separate function arguments with a proper character Most of us are used to separating function arguments with commas. Enclose workbook and worksheet names in single quotes When referring to other worksheets or workbooks that have spaces or non-alphabetical characters in their names, enclose the names in 'single quotation marks'.

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B2:B10 For more information, please see How to refer to another sheet or workbook in Excel. Include the full path to a closed workbook If you are writing a formula that references a closed Excel workbook, your external reference must include the workbook name and entire path to the workbook. B2:B10 For more information, please see Creating a reference to another workbook. Excel formulas not updating Symptoms : The value returned by your Excel formula does not update automatically, i. Excel formulas not calculating Symptoms : A cell displays the formula, not the result.

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  8. Show Formulas mode is turned on The most common reason for an Excel formula not calculating is that you have inadvertently activated the Show Formulas mode in a worksheet. A formula is entered as text Another frequent reason for your Excel formula not calculating is that the formula has been formatted as text. To check this, select the formula cell, and look at the Number Format box in the Number group on the Home tab: If it is the case, change the cell format to General , and while in the cell press F2 and Enter for the formula to recalculate and display the calculated value.

    A formula cell has a leading space or apostrophe before the equal sign If you have inadvertently entered a space or apostrophe ' before the equal sign, Excel treats the cell contents as text, and consequently does not evaluate any formula within that cell a leading space often appears when you copy a formula from the web. You may also be interested in: How to make formulas in Excel Microsoft Excel formulas with examples How to show formulas in Excel How to copy formulas in Excel How to hide and lock formulas in Excel Edit, evaluate and debug formulas in Excel.

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