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  • Lesson: The "Hello World!" Application (The Java™ Tutorials > Getting Started).
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To do this, click the Compile button. If all goes well, you should see the following message in the Compiler Output pane at the bottom: Compilation completed. If DrJava complains in some way, you mistyped something. Check your program carefully, using the error messages in the Compiler Output pane as a guide. Execute the Program in DrJava Now it is time to run your program. This is the fun part. Type the following in the Interactions pane at the bottom. By convention, we highlight the text you type in boldface.


Ask for help if you can't see the mistake. Congratulations, you are now a Java programmer!

How to Create First C++ Hello World Project using Xcode Mac OS X

Command-Line Interface with the Terminal The command-line provides capabilities beyond those available in DrJava, including redirection and piping. You will type commands in an application called the Terminal. The installer creates a shortcut on the desktop to the Terminal.

Double-click it to launch the Terminal. Compile the Program from the Terminal You will use the javac command to convert your Java program into a form more amenable for execution on a computer. From the Terminal, navigate to the directory containing HelloWorld. To make our textbook standard libraries accessible to Java, use the command javac-introcs instead.

For example, BouncingBall.

Hello World: The Application

Execute the Program from the Terminal You will use the java command to execute your program. From the Terminal, type the java command below. To make our textbook standard libraries accessible to Java, use the command java-introcs instead. For example, to execute BouncingBall. Once downloaded, the Oracle Java installer should take about 10 seconds and the introcs. The installer didn't work on my machine. What should I do? If these don't resolve the issue, please contact a staff member to identify what went wrong. When I run the installer, the terminal window just waits after asking for a password.

But, I don't even have a password-enabled account. You must have a non-blank password. Here are instructions for resetting a user's password. Your user account and OS must be on the same volume. This is likely due to OS X Sierra path randomization. Use the Finder to move introcs. What does the installer do? In short, it downloads, installs, and configures Checkstyle, Findbugs, and DrJava, and the textbook standard libraries.

Here is a more detailed list: Checks that Java is installed. Downloads the textbook standard libraries from stdlib.

Downloads the Java wrapper scripts javac-introcs and java-introcs. Downloads and installs Findbugs 3. Downloads our findbugs configuration file findbugs. Downloads and installs PMD 5.

Write the code

Downloads our PMD configuration file pmd. Downloads and installs Checkstyle 8. Downloads our checkstyle configuration file checkstyle-introcs. Downloads and installs the latest stable version of DrJava , from DrJava.


Creates a shortcut to DrJava on the Desktop. Downloads and installs the DrJava configuration file from drjava-config. Note that this will overwrite any existing. Tests that the installation succeeded by compiling and executing TestIntroCS. Why does the installer need my password? How do I completely uninstall introcs. What happens if I re-run the installer? The main method for the app is created automatically if you select public static void main String[ ] args when you add new.

The MainScreen class provides a UI screen that contains a title section, a separator element, and a single vertical field manager for maintaining a list of fields. A RichTextField is a read-only text field that you can use to display text in a variety of fonts and formats on a BlackBerry device screen. The HelloWorld constructor is created automatically if you select Constructors from superclass when you add new. The pushScreen method is inherited from the UiApplication class and pushes a screen onto the display stack and paints it.

The onClose method is inherited from the Screen class and indicates to a BlackBerry device application that a close event has occurred. The Dialog. The dialog displays an exclamation mark bitmap. In the HelloWorldScreen class, override the onClose method to create an alert dialog box and display text.

Would you like to tell us how we are doing? You bet No thanks. In the Project name field, type HelloWorld. Click Next. Click Finish. Click the Application tab and enter the following information. In the Title field, type HelloWorld Sample.

In the Version field, type a version number. In the Application type drop-down list, select BlackBerry Application. Click Close.



Click Yes. Add Java source files to the HelloWorld project The Java source file name must match the name of the public class or interface in the file. To add the Java source files to the project, follow these steps: In the Package Explorer view, right-click the HelloWorld project. In the Name field, type HelloWorld. In the Package field, type com. Next to the SuperClass field, click Browse.

In the Choose a type field, type UI. Click UIApplication. Click OK.