Mac mini cd drive does not work

D I think , experienced a long, slow decline in its performance, and finally it stopped working altogether.

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When I say 'stopped working,' I mean that it wouldn't recognize a disc: I'd insert the disc, it would spin around a little, make some chugging noises, but then spit it back out. I don't do much with discs, and since it's a 4. Anyway, that's when I stumbled across a solution: You take a clean cloth like a lens cloth for cleaning eyeglasses , drape it over something slim like a business card or a smooth plastic gift card, and plum the depths of your drive in an attempt to clean the lens.

Supposedly it's just inside the left boundary, but I plunged my improvised cleaner in everywhere I could, as deep as I could get it.

I didn't use a brutal amount of force, but I wasn't particularly gentle either. Result: now my drive works. Fair warning: I'm sure it's possible to somehow do horrific damage to something in your drive. If you have the time, patience, and money, I encourage you to take your non-functioning drive to a professional. But if you like to try to fix expensive hardware yourself, then this hint is for you.

All the credit for this goes to Anar's post here. Just be careful.


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The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Good hint for the savvy owners of out-of-warranty equipment. That should be plumb , not plum. Worked first time.

Cures for an uncooperative CD/DVD drive

Many thanks. Search Advanced. From our Sponsor Latest Mountain Lion Hints If you still can't remove the disk after attempting all of the options available for ejecting the disk, you should take your Mac Mini to the Apple Retail Store or an experienced computer technician for help to prevent damaging the optical drive.

How To Get An Unrecognized disc out of a Mac mini

Remove any items sitting on top of your Mac Mini. Select the "Disc" icon and chose the "File" menu and then click "Eject. Quit any applications currently using the disc. Then hold down the "Eject" key or press "F12" to eject the disc. Click the Apple menu, select the option to "Log Out" and then log back in to your account.

Attempt to eject the disc again by dragging the disc icon to the Trash. Self employed contract worker. Try restarting the system and press the C key to get it to read the disk which it will fail and kick out. Otherwise you'll need to open up the drive to pull the disk out. Click on the drive image to the right it will lead you to the iFixIt guide on how to open the drive up. Downvotes are usually reserved for wrong a malicious answers Go under Finder, to the left of the Apple in the upper left hand corner to Preferences.

See if the icons shows up on the desktop. Two commands allow you to save the current text in Pico for the novice being edited. The former command exits the editor after saving, while the latter command allows for continued editing after saving. It's not recognized on any machine tried it on 3 of them from the list. Well Barb go to the link I posted directly from Apple and see for yourself. Who you going to believe? Apple or Apple Care or me? DJ Ego djego. So where should I type the code???

I am really bad at it stuff and it is already a miracle that I have found where I have to type the code so please help! Do the previous instructions not cause a problem with kext signing in the more recent versions of OS X e. Good point. If you altered the file you will have an issue with Yosemite as kext files now need to be signed.

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