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With this software, you should easily be able to enjoy the e-books that you get from sites like e-textbooks, Amazon, PDF files that you may have downloaded online and you can also be able to make use of printed guides. The software follows frequent voices and is also able to read some material documents and articles. The program itself is able to do a changeover of any content through MP3, WAV, instance files and also records that are in audio.

Natural Reader

The software can be of great help to individuals who suffer from dyslexia. It can also come in handy when you are feeling overly sluggish or even when you are super busy.

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What this means is that you can easily be able to listen to your favorite novel as you are drifting, running or carrying out another activity. Just as the name suggests, this is software that converts your texts to real sound.

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If you would wish to have your texts in audio, then making use of this software should be a benefit to you. Been one of the easiest software to make use of, running it is super easy.

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Provided the software is already running, the only thing that you need to do is to press the control button together with F9. Once you do this, you can have your computer speak any of the selected text that is on your screen. A more convenient option would be to make use of the add-in toolbars in Microsoft office word, internet explorer, Outlook and PowerPoint programs.

You should be able to listen to web information, online news, word documents, emails and presentation files without necessarily copy and pasting. As mentioned, the software also makes it possible for you to convert your text into WAV or MP3 audio files. You can either burn the audio files into your CD or you can choose to listen to it later on. The reading speed can also be adjusted depending on your preference.

Natural Reader (Free/Paid/Subscription)

A plus about the software is that it has audio attributes that are similar to the human voice. As mentioned above, the software is a highly beneficial tool that is used in the conversion of texts into audio or speech. It can also convert any written text into audio files for your CD player or iPod. From The Community. Amazon Try Prime All. Wildgame innovations android sd card reader. Screenshot Of Natural Reader 14 Full Version Free Download: I think in this era every person wants to save their time and also want to do less effort that is why am here to suggest this software which will recognize your text and change that in to voice which you want without any hard effort.

In this program all the text into speed that you have written in documents with different pronunciation with women, girls, man, and boys voice. You can do what you want so with natural sounding voices can read to your any text such as Microsoft Word files, webpages, PDF files, and E-mails. This can help you to read the written text in any type of the file it does not matter.

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For this, you must have to which will work correctly. I think it is a fantastic program. I have never seen before. This is very easy to use.